Motif Folk Dance Education Association, founded in 1988, has changed its name to Youth Club since September 2000. In the later period, as a result of the need for a new structure in terms of both understanding and working status in serving folk culture, the name was made much more inclusive by making the Motif Folk Dance Education Association Youth and Sports Club. Considering the depth and richness of folk culture historical research, review, promotion, and transfer in order to expand its scope in terms of future service area expanded since 2004 Motif-folk dance training and Education Foundation was established. Our Founding Chairman is the Industrialist – Businessman M, who is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Motif Foundation. He is a smart BAIKAL.


Taking into account the historical depth and richness of Turkish folklore and, consequently, folk dances, the Motif Foundation aimed to conduct studies on the issues that make up the content of these values. In today's globalized world, technology and considering steps towards becoming an information society in the developing world, humanity manages and directs that almost saw the negative impact on cultural values and technological development, it is not possible not to intervene. Based on these considerations, we have been making efforts to determine the areas of activity, work topics and future-oriented goals of the Motif Foundation within the framework of serving folk culture. Since the day we established the Motif Foundation, the activities we have carried out with the hearts and sweat of the people who are with us have achieved their purpose in national and international terms and have given direction to the future.
The primary purpose of the Motif Foundation is to research, study, evaluate, keep alive, exhibit, promote these games and provide education about the customs, customs, traditions and customs of our country and Turkish folk dances in scientific and artistic environments. Moving from this idea and thought, the Motif Foundation has accelerated its activities in this direction with the support and strength it has received from the Turkish nation, and carries out its activities with the idea of being able to create a bridge shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with the young people who are our guarantee on the cultural path stretching from generation to generation.


With this understanding, our foundation, which strives to promote and popularize Turkish folk culture at home and abroad, aims to operate in all known areas of Turkish folklore by considering cultural values in scientific environments and aiming to prevent the degeneration of these cultural elements. Motif Foundation of the world, young people with expert and experienced staff tutorial cultured pearl with different characteristic structures of folk dances of the country with the most accurate and authentic way to teach this valuable treasure continues its efforts to expand coverage from past to present. At the same time, it considers one of its most important basic goals to make these activities, which have been given an international quality by carrying its studies on folk culture to the academic platform, traditional.


Continuing to add new ones to its plans for the future without slowing down, Motif Foundation has carried the accumulation it has received from its history to today and will also strive to carry it to the future. The source of each activity in the Fed made without departing from the essence of folk culture respecting the hard work of elders and the elders of the same culture that brought the children of today for tomorrow being aware of the responsibility to transfer to the next and the next one will think of every step of the way will be blessed than before.




1-M . Zeki BAYKAL - Chairman of the Board of Trustees

2-Prof. Dr. Ömür CEYLAN - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

3-Prof. Dr. Özkul ÇOBANOĞLU - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

4-Prof. Dr. Mehmet AÇA - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

5-Prof. Dr. Aynur KOÇAK - Member of the Board of Directors

6-Prof. Dr. Refiye OKUŞLUK ŞENESEN - Member of the Board of Directors

7-Prof. Dr. Saladin BEKKI - Member of the Board of Directors

8-Prof. Dr. Abdulselam ARVAS - Member of the Board of Directors

9-Prof. Dr. Müge AKTAN YILMAZ - Member of the Board of Directors

10-Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇERIBAŞ - Member of the Board of Directors

11-Prof. Dr. Mehmet EROL - Member of the Board of Directors

12- Prof. Dr. Nuran MUANHERI - Member of the Board of Directors

13- Prof. Dr. Galina MISKINIENE - Member of the Board of Directors